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The EKO Story

Since 1997, the mission of The EKO Group has been to discover the beauty in everyday life and bring it to realization with our products. EKO’s founder James Chen realized this mission years ago while visiting friends in their beautifully designed home. The interior and furniture were stylish and sophisticated but after dinner as the host was clearing the table, the trash can almost tipped over. As the lid slammed shut with such a loud noise, conversation was interrupted, and everyone was startled. At that moment James had the idea to make a trash can with the same passion for design and style as the other pieces in the home. Over the years the EKO product line has grown but we remain dedicated to bettering your environment, keeping your space clean and improving the quality and beauty of your living space.

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Consumer Focused Design

EKO products are designed with the consumer’s end use in mind. We tirelessly research every detail — what is the optimal sensor range for our sensor cans? Which petal curvature maximizes practicality and style? There is no detail is too small when improving the user’s product experience.

Pride & Craftsmanship

We take pride in the craftsmanship that is “Made by EKO”. As James Chen, Founder of EKO describes, “We are harsh on ourselves and we keep rejecting our own work, to come up with something better, closer to perfection. No good product is ever developed overnight. This pursuit is at the core of all we do.” All products go through a rigorous process of research, development, manufacturing and inspection.

About Us Craftsmanship

“Beauty is found everywhere. Our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty, but a lack of observation."

- Auguste Rodin