DARA Motion Sensor Trash Can

The Dara Motion Sensor trash can has all the sanitary benefits that a touchless waste bin offers, with a compact, discreet design that sits flush against the wall. Unobtrusively efficient.

  • Fingerprint resistant brushed stainless steel
  • Intelligent motion sensor
  • Touch switch for manual mode
  • Soft close lid
  • Convenient lid hook holds cover while changing bag
  • Liner version has a plastic bag fixer
  • The non-liner version offers maximum capacity
  • Model# EK9267

The fingerprint resistant stainless-steel finish of the Dara Motion Sensor trash can is just one reason it works so well in your home. Sanitary, hands-free operation is another. The intelligent motion sensor opens the can when you want, not every time you walk past it. The soft close lid descends slowly and quietly after 5 seconds, unless you deploy the touch switch to manual mode when needed. There's a convenient lid hook on the back - to hang to top while changing out your trash bag. The Dara with liner has a plastic bag fixer cut into the polypropylene liner so the bag doesn't slip down into the can. The removable rim of the non-liner version secures your disposable plastic trash bag in place, and helps tuck it in out of sight.

EK9267MTthrowing away trash
9267 Trash Can Motion
Easy Clip Lid

Soft Close




Fingerprint Resistant