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1. The stainless steel body of the bin is fingerprint-proof and can be cleaned using a piece of damp-dry soft cloth.

2. To prolong the life of the bin, avoid stamping on the step violently.

3. To prolong the life of the bin, do not lift the lid forcibly while it is opening.

4. Put the bin on a flat surface to keep it from swaying side to side while stepping on the step.

5. Wipe the surface with soft dry cloth or alcohol to maintain a bright sheen. Never wash the surface with corrosive acid-base solution.

6. Please keep the product away from a hot stove or direct sunlight to avoid deformation or aging.

7. For difficult stains, use a dry cotton cloth using mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or polishing liquid. Do not rinse it with water.

8. The plastic liner can be rinsed in water. Place the step bin in a cool ventilated place to let the liner dry after rinsing it. Do not expose it to hot sunlight to avoid shortening the product’s life.